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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 – What it brings new and what it keeps

Samsung is gearing up for the launch of the much-anticipated Galaxy Z Flip 6, and leaks reveal interesting details about the new model and what remains unchanged. The entire lineup of foldable devices, including the possible ultra-premium Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra version or a more affordable FE variant, alongside the "standard" Z Fold 6 edition, is expected to be completed by the Galaxy Z Flip 6, a foldable clamshell in the style a book.

Although information about the Galaxy Z Flip 6 has been coyly presented in recent months, today a full and impressive series of leaked renders has emerged, which, however, seem to offer little new in terms of design compared to the Z Flip 5 model.

What do we know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6?

Although the dimensions of the screen seem to remain the same, one important aspect is brought up: the additional thickness. While many prefer phones as thin as possible, adding a little thickness could be good news for battery life. The Galaxy Z Flip 6 seems to strike a balance between handling and battery life, with a thickness of 7.4mm and a battery capacity increased to around 4,000mAh.

In terms of specifications, it seems that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will not bring any major changes in terms of screen or camera. The 6.7-inch main screen and 3.4-inch cover panel will remain the same as the previous model, as will the resolution, refresh rate and maximum brightness.

What's expected to remain familiar is the rest of the design, including the two rear-facing cameras, the selfie camera placed centrally in a punch, the side-mounted power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, the rounded corners and the logo Samsung placed on the hinge of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

However, certain details still remain unknown, such as the dimensions when the phone is folded, the weight of the product, and perhaps most importantly, the durability of the hinge and overall build quality.

One of the expected updates is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor for the Galaxy, which could bring a significant improvement in performance. In terms of price, the base variant of the Z Flip 6 could be similar to the current price of the Z Flip 5, but precise details about the storage and memory configuration remain unknown for now.

All in all, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 promises to bring subtle but important improvements aimed at keeping Samsung at the top of the foldable phone segment, despite a possible sense of deja vu for those familiar with its predecessor.


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