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ChatGPT for iPhone and iPad

There are many applications ChatGPT for iPhone and iPad, but a solution implemented in iOS to use this language of artificial intelligence (AI) is not to be seen soon. Apple seems to have limited itself to Siri, while Microsoft has already implemented GTP-4 in Bing and is following the Copilot assistant in the Microsoft 365 suite of applications.

The good news is that if you want to have access to the newest version of ChatGPT on the iPhone, for free and without installing any application, you can do it very simply, following the steps in our tutorial.

How to add ChatGPT for iPhone or iPad

1. Open Safari on your iPhone and access

2. Press the button with the sharing options (share) at the bottom of Safari, then from the list of options choose "Share to Home Screen".

ChatGPT for iPhone and iPad
Add ChatGPT to iPhone Home Screen

3. Choose the name of the new shortcut (application) that you want to appear on the Home Screen, then press "Add“.

ChatGPT for iPhone

Now you can very easily access ChatGPT from the screen iPhone, without having to install other applications.

In the same way, you can add a shortcut to ChatGPT on the iPad or iPod touch.

Most of the applications that are present in the App Store actually use ChatGPT's API and bring the results also in a web interface.

Apple AI

I have seen that many people confuse Siri with artificial intelligence and say that Apple is far behind in this regard. The second half is very true. Apple has not announced anything about its intention to release an AI assistant for iPhone, iPad, Mac or other device owners. As for Siri, things are completely different. Siri does not use AI language, and as for development...

Apple launched Siri with iOS 5 (Oct. 2011) and every year the company said that this assistant will become smarter and able to perform more user requests. Unfortunately, we are in the spring of 2023 and this did not happen. Siri has evolved very little, which is why many iPhone, iPad and Mac users forget about its existence. Personally, if I didn't have HomePod I would never have used Siri.


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