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Download Design UI Windows Phone 7 (PSD & Fonts Resources)


Se pare ca da semne de "porti deschise" pentru viitorul proiect Windows Phone 7.
Zilele trecute a fost pus la dispozitia developerilor resursele UI, PSD ale Windows Phone 7 pentru oricine doreste sa dezvolte interfata grafica a Windows Phone 7. Sunt suficiente cunostinte de Adobe Photoshop pentru a crea o interfata (Windows Phone 7 Theme)  personalizata in cel mai detaliu.


Design Resources for Windows Phone

– Windows Phone introduces a touch user interface (UI) based on a design system codenamed Metro. This guide provides detailed information about UI elements and controls, UI system behaviors, and the interaction model for the touch interface. Designers and developers should read this guide to learn the dos and don’ts of UI implementations for their Windows Phone applications.

– A visual explanation of the inspiration behind the Windows Phone design system codenamed Metro, the seven areas of Windows Phone differentiation, and the Red Threads that are the principles Microsoft used to guide the experiences built into Windows Phone.

– A collection of 28 layered Photoshop template files that can be used to create pixel-perfect application layouts, to help guide UI development, or to pitch an idea. These design templates showcase many controls that are a part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta. They also include examples of controls that are a part of Windows Phone, but are not available as a part of the Windows Phone Developer Tools. These additional templates are included to help designers and developers maintain a consistent look and feel across applications for system controls that developers wish to mimic.
Templates in the download: Application Bar & Application Menu, Buttons, Check Box, Context Menu, Date Picker, Dialog Boxes, Edit Control, Hardware, Icons, Keyboard & Input, List Picker, List View, Panorama, Panorama Backgrounds, Picker Box, Pivot, Progress Indicators, Quick Jump Grid, Radio Button, Reminders, Slider, Start & App List, Start Tiles, Status Bar, Theme, Time Picker, Toast Notifications, Toggle Switch.

Design Templates for Windows Phone 7.

In cei 87.5 MB ai arhivei sunt incluse atat fisierele PSD cat si fonturile Windows Phone 7.

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